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3400 days 4 hours ago
Former First Nations leader David Ahenakew insists he's not an anti-Semite, telling his hate-crime trial Thursday he doesn't "hate the Jews, but I hate what they do" - and that he still believes Jews started the Second World War.
3400 days 4 hours ago
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled a deficit-free fiscal forecast Thursday that contained a political time bomb that could put his government in peril as early as Monday night.
3400 days 4 hours ago
Two men are dead after a shooting late Thursday afternoon in an Ottawa highrise apartment building.
3400 days 4 hours ago
World-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has been appointed a distinguished research chair at Waterloo, Ont.'s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.
3400 days 4 hours ago
When NASA returns to the moon, Canadian-built eyes could show its lunar rovers where to drive.
3400 days 4 hours ago
To anyone else, the photo album found in the truck of Mark Steinberg's car wouldn't be worth much, but the Vancouver lawyer says the album was his only physical link to a fading past.
3400 days 4 hours ago
CTVglobemedia Inc. on Thursday joined the parade of media companies across North America that have chopped staff amid an industry downturn.
3400 days 4 hours ago
Thai Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat sacked his national police chief on Friday, fuelling speculation that the government is preparing to crackdown on protesters besieging Bangkok's main airports.
3400 days 4 hours ago
Russia is satisfied with Washington's refusal to push for allowing Georgia and Ukraine to be official candidates to join the NATO military alliance, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Friday.
3400 days 4 hours ago
The world's oldest person, an Indiana woman, died on Wednesday at the age of 115, according to a gerontology expert.
1 day 12 hours ago

Keesmaat’s Next Venture, Shitty Architecture Men, Mod Squad, Presto Problemo, Bench Press, and more in this debut edition.

Another Glass Box is a weekly roundup of urban design news in Toronto (and occasionally beyond), in bite-size pieces. It’s curated by Dan Seljak, who’s done marketing and communications work for architecture and construction companies for the last seven years—and who still loves this city enough to line up for brunch.  Content warning: some of the […]

The post Introducing: Another Glass Box, a new weekly architecture feature appeared first on Torontoist.

1 day 14 hours ago

Food, art, even public space now seems to revolve around aesthetic value as judged by the social network.

Whether it’s a small new restaurant or a major art gallery exhibition, it seems Toronto’s cultural institutions must cater to the “like” seeking set. The price of success today is a sacrifice made at the altar of Instagram. Of course, to some, it’s not viewed as a sacrifice at all, especially when it boosts business […]

The post Has Toronto Become a City of Instagram Photo Ops? appeared first on Torontoist.

6 days 16 hours ago

As his parting gift to Toronto Council, City Manager Peter Wallace spells out the effect of years of promised new services and infrastructure unmatched by revenue to build and operate our dream city.

Toronto Council is good at making promises, voting for better services, new transit lines, a revitalized expressway, but too many of these promises depend on money the city does not have. At budget time, city staff work their magic and trim spending to fit the available dollars. Programs are stretched to make do with less […]

The post Toronto’s Long-Term Financial Plan: The Bill is Due appeared first on Torontoist.

8 days 13 hours ago

For those who care about data, the City’s new Open Data Master Plan is about to change everything.

One Saturday afternoon earlier this month, more than 100 people gathered at the Toronto Public Library for an annual gathering called CodeAcross, the city’s annual open data and civic tech event. This year, the theme was the Future of Work. One of the challenges centred on the City of Toronto’s freshly approved Open Data Master […]

The post Civic Tech: Hackers! To Your Stations! appeared first on Torontoist.

12 days 16 hours ago

The fabricated incident has driven some Chinese-Canadians to make common cause with alt-right stalwarts.

On February 18, hundreds of demonstrators packed into tour buses in Toronto and were shuttled to a “Rally Against Hijab Hoax” demonstration held at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The demonstration included the Northern Guard, Proud Boys, the Canadian Combat Coalition, a large number of members from the Quebec groups La Meute and Storm Alliance, and […]

The post Eye on Hate: “Hijab Hoax” fuels alt-right protests appeared first on Torontoist.

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