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3307 days 16 hours ago
Former First Nations leader David Ahenakew insists he's not an anti-Semite, telling his hate-crime trial Thursday he doesn't "hate the Jews, but I hate what they do" - and that he still believes Jews started the Second World War.
3307 days 16 hours ago
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled a deficit-free fiscal forecast Thursday that contained a political time bomb that could put his government in peril as early as Monday night.
3307 days 16 hours ago
Two men are dead after a shooting late Thursday afternoon in an Ottawa highrise apartment building.
3307 days 16 hours ago
World-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has been appointed a distinguished research chair at Waterloo, Ont.'s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.
3307 days 16 hours ago
When NASA returns to the moon, Canadian-built eyes could show its lunar rovers where to drive.
3307 days 16 hours ago
To anyone else, the photo album found in the truck of Mark Steinberg's car wouldn't be worth much, but the Vancouver lawyer says the album was his only physical link to a fading past.
3307 days 16 hours ago
CTVglobemedia Inc. on Thursday joined the parade of media companies across North America that have chopped staff amid an industry downturn.
3307 days 16 hours ago
Thai Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat sacked his national police chief on Friday, fuelling speculation that the government is preparing to crackdown on protesters besieging Bangkok's main airports.
3307 days 16 hours ago
Russia is satisfied with Washington's refusal to push for allowing Georgia and Ukraine to be official candidates to join the NATO military alliance, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Friday.
3307 days 16 hours ago
The world's oldest person, an Indiana woman, died on Wednesday at the age of 115, according to a gerontology expert.
3 days 3 hours ago

Local commuters aren't getting their fair share of transit attention in the province.

For reasons that are slightly mysterious, there is talk of big changes to transit governance in Ontario. One idea floating about is to upload all transit systems to the province because there are 11 separate transit systems in the GTHA. Which is supposed to sound like chaos, or something. There have been some good critiques […]

The post The biggest transit need in southern Ontario is local, not regional appeared first on Torontoist.

10 days 1 hour ago

What passed, what failed, and everything else you need to know in this run-down of the biggest—and most controversial—votes.

December’s marathon City Council meeting is finally coming to a close. Which agenda items caused the most outrage? Airbnb regulations, shelter spaces, and, of course, transit debacles. Read on for a run-down of the most important votes. Airbnb rules pass A new set of short-term rental regulations will move ahead after a 36-8 vote on […]

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11 days 21 hours ago

Despite its hateful tone, the documentary received a standing ovation from the audience.

An Islamophobic documentary made its world premiere on Sunday in Toronto when it was screened at the Toronto Zionist Centre, at an event hosted by the Jewish Defense League and Act For Canada. Killing Europe uses examples of real and horrific assaults to portray all Muslim migrants as violent rapists or, at the very least, […]

The post Anti-Muslim documentary, rejected elsewhere, makes world premiere in Toronto appeared first on Torontoist.

13 days 11 hours ago

Your need-to-know guide to this week’s council meeting.

City Council will convene today for a meeting that could decide the fate of Airbnb in Toronto. Other agenda items to watch? A plan to add badly needed spaces to the city’s homeless shelter system, a SmartTrack update, and the feasibility of Rail Deck Park. Read on for everything you need to know about this […]

The post What’s on the agenda for December’s Toronto City Council meeting? appeared first on Torontoist.

17 days 2 hours ago

A close reading reveals just how committed the federal Liberals are to solving the problem.

With much fanfare, the federal Liberals last week rolled out a National Housing Strategy—long in the works, and the first of its kind, as they are happy to remind everyone whenever the chance presents itself. The party is touting some marquee announcements, such as nearly $16 billion in funding for repairing and building affordable housing, and […]

The post The national housing strategy may be more symbol than substance appeared first on Torontoist.

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